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The yoga teacher training concentrated on essentials. It covered all aspects of yoga other than Asanas, like philosophy, anatomy, ayurveda, dietetics and nutrition. I am very fortunate to have taken the teacher training with Mahesh.

Clare Bateson

Mahesh is a great teacher with a broad fund of knowledge on all subjects related to yoga. He is a lot of fun to be around and has a good sense of humor. His mediations and asana classes are always well thought out.

Tom Hoppel, Yoga Teacher
Budapest, Hungary

I trained with Mahesh for 2 months and thanks to his keen awareness and passion for teaching, my practice and knowledge of yoga greatly improved. Not only is he a talented teacher but also a kind and caring individual.

Heather Kemp, Yoga Teacher
London UK

I spent ten days training with Mahesh and I wish I was still there now. His comprehensive teaching means that I can confidently correct myself and know that I am looking after my body. I also loved doing the radical meditations he practices. Mahesh is a true Yogi, with an open mind and open heart.

Claire, Yoga Teacher
London UK

I took the yoga therapy teachers training and it was honestly the most life changing experience. The teachers are incredibly thorough so I had a very good grasp of the material when I left. The things you learn are invaluable as well as the memories you will make. I met people from all over the world, and even though I was alone, I have never felt more at home in my life. If anyone asks me about pursuing this track I always tell them to take this course. It was the single best decision of my life. I highly reccomend this school!

Sheel Bhuta

I had a very nice experience in Abhijna School of Yoga. I studied the Therapeutic Yoga Course and was very useful and interesting. The school staff are very organized and professional. I really enjoyed and learn a lot in Abhijna so I recomend 100%!!

E. P.

I took the hatha yoga course in 2017, it was a very challenging and trasformative experience! When i decided first to enroll i never expected to become a yoga teacher, i wanted to get a good daily pratice for myself. The course was hard, it requiered a big strenght both phisical and mental, but Ely always believed in me and made me explore my inner potential, so in one month i achieved incredible risults, making me feel at easy with teaching .
This is very serious yoga ttc, they teach you everithing you need to know to start practicing at good level . I strongly reccomend this course and i am looking forward to come back to continue my learning.

Clara Zampaglione

I found the course extremely well structured, thorough and fulfilling.
The accommodations were fantastic and the proximity to the beautiful beaches was fantastic. Highly recommended!

Thomas Thomas

I had the privilege to attended the ashtanga TTC and it was one of the best experiences. The teachers are so open minded and so well informed about so many different things they made sure to go over all details to make sure that we have enough knowledge and skill to flourish. This training not only improved my teaching skills and personal practice, it helped me make positive changes too. The accommodation and Shala’s were beautiful and surrounded by beautiful nature and of course the food was sooo tasty! I sure hope to go again.

Nadia Al-Huqail

I visited the school for some guest classes and met the teachers and some of the students. Ely is very professional but also a very warm person with sparkling energy. She cares a lot about the place and her students and one can deffinately see this reflecting in their work. The place itself is dreamy, amazing atmosphere and nature. I am very gratefull to have found this place and probably will return for a teacher training.

Vik Nik-Tom

The Yoga therapy program of this school is very well designed , very useful tool to grow in a professional and personal way . School in very clean and logistically super well organized,

orazio giurdanella

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to increase his/her foundational knowledge and understanding of Yoga, and yoga therapy in particular.

Mahesh and Ely are extremely knowledgeable professionals who are able to provide clarity to questions many students have about the practice of Yoga. I enjoyed Mahesh' philosophy lectures and his somewhat unconventional approach to the practice.

This course requires hard work, commitment and a degree of discipline, but it is quite worth the time and effort.

Simon West

Very professional teaching, certificates handed out for those who earn it by hard work and understanding of the material. Wonderful setting and family atmosphere. Great food. Good housing. Recommend!!

Julia Turcato

Training at Abhijna School of Yoga has been one of the best experiences of my life. Elly and Mahesh are amazing teachers, each in their own way. I did the Hatha Yoga certification with Elly and I can't express how patient, caring and attentive she was. There were times when some of her students were under stress and she was always there to help and talk. While the training was intense, they really give you the tools to learn and absorb every piece of information in a short time. Mahesh is a bit rougher but his philosophy, meditation and pranayama classes are amazing! I really can't thank them enough for my time there and all the knowledge they passed on. Can't wait to go back!

Ana Camus

I studied yoga therapy here a few years ago and found the teaching to be first rate. Ely was absolutely wonderful, very thorough and professional and taught in an well-equipped environment. Mahesh's teaching of yoga philosophy was also excellent, and the materials provided were more than sufficient. I attended some of the practical exams of his Ashtanga students and found their teaching and corrections to be very impressive. I would (and have!) recommend this school to potential teachers.

Hannah O’Mahoney

It was very nice to attend one of the ttc. Mahesh and Elly very supportive for students. Cafe is very nice food is super tasty. Accomadation is simple. Good. Better than Going to mysoor. Nearby beach is very good. Cource was succesfful. They pay attention for each person

Thamalimadusarani Nandasiri

I've done the Ashtanga TTC in the end of 2017 with them and loved the experience.
The teachers are very knowledgeable and create a great environment for learning that I'll take with me for life.
The location is also wonderful, Varkala is a calm city and the shalas are pleasant. I highly recommend the school.

Anie Spengler

I completed my 200hrs Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher training at Abhijana in November 2016. It’s a very well structured, thorough, and intense teacher training and is suitable for serious practitioners on a look out for a top notch training with highly experienced and dedicated teachers. Your day is packed with practice, practical sessions (alignment & adjustment), philosophy, & meditation (also great Ayurvedic food prepared daily at the school’s café)!

Mahesh is a sincere & passionate teacher and his adjustments are some of the best I have experienced in the 5 years of me doing yoga. Our batch was a mix of beginners and experienced students and while I was able to strengthen and improve my practice, I even saw the beginners learn and grow at a great pace. By the end of the course, Mahesh made sure each and every one of us were confident and ready to take a class! This is an intense course, which if you open your heart to the experience will give you so much in return.

We also had a chance to do a few combined sessions with the hatha/therapy ttc students (Hatha and Therapy ttc is conducted by Ellie) and while Mahesh has a more direct style, Ellie is soft, but by no means an easy teacher. It’s a great experience to learn from both of them.

I must also mention that the teachers and the staff at Abhijana are also very caring and concerned of the well-being of its students. I ended up spraining my neck and Ellie went out of her way to help me out and connected me with a local therapist. Anil at the café is your go to guy for everything and is very kind & helpful! Thank you all so much for such an incredible experience! I would love to practice again at Abhijana, and recommend it highly!!

Smita Thomas

very structured yoga therapy teacher training course. you learn a lot, Ely really takes care of each single person; great handbook. overall, can highly recommend their yoga therapy teacher training

Sabine Winkler

Thorough, intense and well structured yoga therapy course. I particularly liked Ely's style of teaching, her astute observations and honest feedback.

Neil Williams

My teacher training experience in Abhijna School was definitely perfect and met my all expectations. Mahesh and Ely are professional trainers in teaching both philosophy, asana methodology, how to teach/adjust, pranayama and meditation. It was really an intense and disciplined course. The balance of cirruculum between philosophy/pranayama and asanas/teaching methodology was perfect. Trainers gave us time for asking them consultancy whenever we needed. And also they gave precise and on-time feedbacks. I can now confidently say I am a yoga teacher and do yoga sessions for people in different levels. The location of shala and houses (accomodation rooms) were great, it was just 5 minutes walk distance to the ocean. And also breakfast and lunch in Abhijna Cafe were delicious and healthy. I can't wait for attending another teacher training course in Abhijna School 🙂 I definitely recommend this school to students who want to deepen their practise, learn how to teach yoga and go deeper into their true self.

zeynep ulker

Amazing experience, amazing location and dedicated teachers. I did the Yoga therapy after completing my Hatha training a few years ago elsewhere and learnt a lot about adapting yoga to suit individuals. Thank you Ely, Mahesh, Anil and his wonderful family who run the cafe.

Gitu Menghani

I had the luck to have Mahesh as teacher during my YTT in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (still back in Mysore in February 2012) and got to know Ely as well. The whole month with them was an amazing experience and so I decided to stay on for another month for the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training.
They're great teachers and really personalize your needs in a perfect way to make you learn and grow. Beside that, they're wonderful humans.
Thank you so much for everything and I really hope to meet again! Om Shanti

Reto Brunner

I had the pleasure to stay long term at abhijna first I started with a 200 Hour Hatha Yoga and then moved to Ashtanga and last Yoga Therapy.

Each course gave me the tools I was looking for to cover a broad range of classes. Ely and Mahesh went out of their way to make me feel welcome, I never thought it would be possible for me to learn so much during my stay.
I particularly enjoyed mahesh’s philosophy which helped me question spo many aspwcts if my life. I loved Ellie’s Asana methodology classes and her kindness. They are both eve knowledgeable teachers.
The courses were not only rewarding but also challenging, looking back this experience made me a strong teacher as I had come form previous trainings feeling I was not ready to teach, I felt a spark Lit up and I am now very confident and love teaching!! Hoping to come back for more sooon!!!

Margarita Sanchez

I have attended several of the yoga school examinations. I think the school and the students to be examined on these occasions hold a high grade. They show a clarity in what they do, they show what knowledge they bring from the course. There is also a cohesion, everyone wants to help each other.

I have also attended a soundhealing course at Abhija School. It consisted of a theory and a practical part and a compendium included. The course was clear and pedagogically well laid out. And the atmosphere among students and teachers was pleasant. I highly recommend this course if you are interested in soundhealing.

Kjell Thorin

I completed my 200hrs YTT in Yoga Therapy at Abhjina School of Yoga, and I cannot recommended enough. The content of the course and material are fantastic, the yoga shala is great and it is super well equipped. Mahesh and Ely are very knowledgeable in their fields and dedicated teacher, together they make a perfect team. I left my YTT feeling ready to teach, inspirited by the subjects we studied and the knowledge shared during the course. Thank You Ely and Mahesh!

Lally Molina

Ellie and Mahesh went out of their way to welcome me for the 300 hour Advanced Ashtanga Teachers Training when I was the only one. I really appreciated their professional approach and the complimentary qualities of both of them as teachers. The general ambiance of Abhijna School of Yoga and Varkala was for me perfect for an intense yoga teacher training course. Thanks for a life changing experience! 🙂

Mandy Latchford

When it comes to doing a yoga teacher training in India, Abhijna is one of the best!

There are alot of schools in India that are poor quality, and alot of schools will give you certification just because you have paid, without actually challenging you.

Abhijna is neither of these. Abhijna is challenging and demanding Yoga Teacher Training and they have 2 of the best teachers in the business. Mahesh is a disciplined, knowledgeable Yogi who is known to be a bit of a hard-ass and he will push you to your limits physically, mentally, and intellectually. Eli is a kind, compassionate teacher who is extremely knowledgeable in Anatomy and Ayurvedic Philosophy.

They make a great team.

Abhijna is located in a very nice part of India, it is located in a clean, high-end neighborhood with a few different places you can go sight-seeing. A beautiful cliff beach with plenty of surfing, a Kali Temple, a shrine to a famous Yogi, and an ancient Hanuman Temple are all within a fairly close distance to Abhijna. Most people in Kerala are well educated and speak english.

The food and water in Kerala are clean and you can drink from the tap without getting sick. Only 1 person got sick from the food in the time I was there, and he ate at restaurant on the beach.

This is very important to consider when taking your teacher training. You can go to Delhi, Rishikesh, or Goa, but how much of your trip are you going to spend sick in bed after drinking a glass of tap water or eating some food from the street? Alot of the food/water in India is toxic to foreigners. This is not the case in most of Kerala.

Abhijna provides home cooked traditional Kerala style food as part of there Ayurveda diet. Kerala is the birthplace of Ayurveda, and the food served by Abhijna is not only delicious and lovingly cooked, but also very safe to eat. After 1 month of eating the Ayurvedic Diet Abhijna provides, I was feeling very strong, fit, and healthy.

The Cafe is also equipped with a beautiful sound healing room, the sound healings I've had there were among some of the most amazing experiences of my life. I highly recommend booking one while you are there! It is a very unique treatment I have not seen anywhere else.

Also, there is a library with lots of books on yoga for you to enjoy during your stay.

As far as the course itself - It is demanding. It can be hard to concentrate on a teacher training when you just arrived in beautiful Kerala, but it is very important that you study and keep up with homework. Students who think they can spend all there time at the Beach will be failed and the teachers will not put up with slackers. This is not a "pay to pass" program.

Yoga Philosophy with Mahesh was a life-changing experience for me. He is among one of the brightest teachers and his no-nonsense strict style of teaching the mysteries of yoga will mold you into a powerful and knowledgeable Yoga teacher both on and off the mat.

The rooms were very clean and spacious.

The rules and terms on the website of this school must be followed. There was 1 day students left banana peels on the floor and Mahesh had us all lined up ready to fail us. If you do not agree to the terms on the website do not go.

This school is a philosophy heavy school. Not as much focus is given on Anatomy. They give you the tools to figure it out yourself.

Be prepared for a fantastic but also challenging experience. This is worth the money and trip, Kerala is beautiful and you should not book a return ticket until you've explored a week or 2 after the TTC is over.

This school has world class Teachers, it is very credible, and many of the students who have left from my program are now full-time teachers and changing lives big-time. They WILL mold you into a great teacher if you let them.

Dan Fowboski

I attended a 200HATA course with Ely and Maesh last february and feel so thankful about it!
A great mix of professionalism and good vibes!
Accommodating, attentive and experienced teachers, well equipped yoga halls, well organized and interesting materials and philosophy lessons.
Teachers were always ready for Indepth answers, advices on the practice or good reading suggestions.
Great location 2 steps away from the Ocean, comfortable and clean accommodation, super delicious ayurvedic food and a nice and friendly staff!
I will be back in one month for for a yoga therapy course!

La Sì

Amazing life changing experience!
I completed my Ashtanga Vinyasa YTTC in 2016 here at Abhijina..
I thought I knew what I doing and had a pretty good idea about this yoga stuff before starting my training, but I was completely blown away and humbled upon starting the program. What I witness were 2 spectacular teachers whom have dedicated everything to this place. They have created a highly constructive environment that strives to make you the absolute best verison of yourself. Is it intense? Yes. Is it strict? Yes. But these are not negative things. I have attended other YTTC in India, and while they were okay. The fact is the end result at Abhijina is just so much more rewarding!

Colin Connor

I completed the Yoga Therapy course at The Abhijna School of Yoga in February 2017 and can strongly recommend the course to anyone serious about learning how to use asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, mudras, and diet in support of better health. The course approaches yoga therapy from an ayurvedic perspective and provides a wealth of information - from an excellent manual to multiple books (philosophy, mudra, asana and pranayama, sequencing, meditation, etc - more than you have time to read and digest!). Ely is caring, exceptionally knowledgable, and one of the most gifted teachers - of any subject - I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. And she is delightful and she is strict! You will learn more than you thought possible, but come prepared to immerse yourself and work. And the food at the cafe is the BEST! THank you Ely and Mahesh!

Ginger Garrison

I did a Hatha Yoga course at Abhijna School and qualified in March 2017.
Its a very disciplined and professional course. Mahesh and Elly work truly hard and you dont feel "ripped" off. They have an amazing knowledge, sometimes too conceptual for modern western minds.

Dana Vronska

I have immense respect for Mahesh and Elly and the Abhinjha school of yoga. They teach with great knowledge, discipline and structure. I found the Therapy training intense but exceptionally thorough, leaving me confident with what I was able to teach afterwards. I also enjoyed the combination of Meditation and Pranyama every afternoon with Mahesh.

Armenell Morton

Highly recommended for all who truly want to learn.

Jovana Ristic

Love this school. Can't wait to go back again this year. From the teaching to the students and the atmosphere it's an amazing experience.

They teach Ashtanga, Hatha or Yoga therapy.

Radha Patel

(Translated by Google) A great experience that has transformed my way of seeing and living life. Mahesh and Ely very good teachers, a place to know the Discipline

Una gran experiencia que ha transformado mi forma de ver y vivir la vida. Mahesh y Ely muy buenos maestros, un lugar para conocer la Disciplina


(Translated by Google) I did my Ashtanga vinyasa Yoga 200h course here. And the truth is that I came away very happy, they have a well structured program, where you must dedicate to what you are going to study and learn. They are based mostly on practice and on what you come out made a great yoga teacher. Thank you Ellie for your support. Thanks Mahesh for teach me and share your knowledge with us. And thanks for the rest of the teachers !!! And to Anil for his great service. Adequate facilities, both the shala full of energy and the house. Library and restaurant / cafe
Hice aqui mi curso de Ashtanga vinyasa Yoga de 200h. Y la verdad que salí muy contenta, tienen un programa bien estructurado, donde te debes dedicar a lo que vas a estudiar y a aprender. Se basan sobre todo en la práctica y en qué salgas hecho un gran maestro de yoga. Gracias Ellie por tu apoyo. Thanks Mahesh for teach me and share your knowledge with us. Y gracias el resto de profes!!! Y a Anil por su gran servicio. Instalaciones adecuadas, tanto el shala lleno de energía como la casa. Biblioteca y restaurante/cafe

Wendy Granados Acuña

(Translated by Google) The experience in abhijna school of yoga was very special. I remember it with a lot of love. It was for me a demanding and very well structured course focusing mainly on the practical part, enabling you to have security before a class. Mahesh, Elly and the whole team are 100% dedicated to yoga and with the clear objective of dissemination and expansion of this great art.
Regarding the school, I found everything positive, but something I loved was the surroundings. The area where it is located is spectacular. Very close to the sea and with exuberant nature. We liked to practice before dawn and feel how nature was waking up.
I recommend 100% the school, the teachers, the environment and the people of the place

La experiencia en abhijna school of yoga fué muy especial. Lo recuerdo con mucho cariño. Fué para mí un curso exigente y muy bien estructurado centrándose principalmente en la parte práctica, capacitándote para tener seguridad ante una clase. Mahesh, Elly y todo el equipo son gente dedicada 100% al yoga y con el objetivo claro de divulgación y expansión de este gran arte.
Respecto a la escuela me pareció todo positivo, pero algo que me encantó fué el entorno. La zona donde esta ubicado es espectacular. Muy cerca del mar y con una naturaleza exhuberante. Nos gustó mucho prácticar antes del amanecer y sentir como la naturaleza se iba despertando.
Recomiendo 100% la escuela, los profesores, el entorno y la gente del lugar

atha yogayacupuntura

(Translated by Google) I went to Abhijna School of yoga for yoga therapy training. It was an incredible experience an intense challenging course, but with the precise elements to enter the wonderful world of yoga. The teachers are the perfect guides in this process and the collaborators complement a beautiful experience in this school. Because of all that, I stayed in the hatha yoga course, deepening the knowledge already acquired by improving the practice and growing in this beautiful discipline, in the best place.

Fui a Abhijna School of yoga por la formación de yogaterapia. Fue una experiencias increíble un curso intenso desafiante, pero con los elementos precisos para adentrarse en el maravilloso mundo del yoga. Los profesores son los guías perfectos en este proceso y los colaboradores complementan una hermosa experiencia en esta escuela . Debido a todo eso, me quedé al curso de hatha yoga, profundizando los conocimientos ya adquiridos mejorando la práctica y creciendo en esta hermosa disciplina, en el mejor lugar.

Andrea Choque

(Translated by Google) We did the Ashtanga course and it was an amazing experience.
We work hard and study a lot but we also enjoy a lot with the people we met sharing experiences on the beaches and the cliff.
The school we loved. The facilities, the shop full of interesting books, the cafe where we practiced in spare time, the super cozy house .... Everything very well organized.
I remember the path of palm trees from the house to the shala with nostalgia and I hope to be able to return one day.
Thank you very much for everything Ellie, Mahesh! And Anil, who was always there to help when he was needed ...
I hope we meet again at some point.

Hicimos el curso de Ashtanga y fue una experiencia increíble.
Trabajamos duro y estudiamos mucho pero también disfrutamos mucho con la gente que conocimos compartiendo experiencias en la playas y el cliff.
Las escuela nos encantó. Las instalaciones, la tienda llena de libros interesantes, el café donde practicábamos en los ratos libres, la casa super acogedora.... Todo muy bien organizado.
Recuerdo el camino de palmeras de la casa a la shala con nostalgia y espero poder volver algún día.
Muchas gracias por todo Ellie, Mahesh! Y Anil, que siempre estaba para ayudar cuando se le necesitaba...
Espero que nos volvamos a encontrar en algún momento.

Dana Hernando

First: establish yourself in the way, then teach and so defeat sorrow.