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Code Of Conduct


Dear Student

Due to recent events we have discovered that lot of students are coming to india to get certified in yoga teaching because the same is expensive in their country and also with no eagerness to learn the science. Therefore we are putting forth the following conditions which have to be understood and acknowledged by you through email before signing up.

  • I understand that the yoga teacher training is a demanding 4 week experience
  • I Understand whether i live in the ashram or outside i will behave properly in the yoga shala and obey all the rules given by the teachers
  • I understand and will not question the credibility of any teacher.
  • I will be attentive, humble,receptive and patient throughout the course.
  • I understand that certification is solely under the discretion of the management.
  • I understand that the ashram is not a hotel or resort and accomodation and facilities provided by the school are basic.
  • I understand if i want to make arrangements for my own accomodation i will arrive earlier.
  • I understand that the teachers can be critical in their approach.
  • I Understand i will maintain absolute silence in the yogashala.
  • I understand i will maintain integrity with other students.
  • I understand i will not indulge in alcohol or drugs.
  • I understand i will maintain safety and cleanliness of the place i will live.
  • I understand the the management has all rights to approach me in case iam not following any of the rules above.


We advise students not to signup for the programe if they are looking at the teacher training as a yoga holiday.The teacher training is not a yoga holiday or retreat nor a therapeutic programe to heal diseases of the body or mind.The student is expected to maintain normal health physically and mentally.In this case the student may signup for a yoga retreat.

Refund Policy (For 200H Teacher Training Courses)

  1. Deposits* are not refundable. If the student wish to switch to another yoga teacher training he/she will have to inform with a minimum of one month in advance of the initial course date by the official channels (by sending an email as well as re-sending the application form). This will incurr in a $150 USD administrative fee. Deposits are valid for a period of 6 months of the insitutional seasonal calendar.
  2. In case the student makes his/her own arrangement for accommodation.No refunds on withdrawal of accommodation is possible
  3. After payment of the full amount at the time of registration, the student can opt to withdraw from the teacher training within four (4) working days (Saturday included) from the starting date of the Teacher Training Course. The student should inform by email no later than 10 am on the 4th working day stating proper reasons for his/her withdrawl. In this case, the deposit, its taxes and transfers fees will not be refunded. The remaining course fees will be refunded in full.
  4. *Non Refundable Deposit= 300 USD plus 15% service tax and 4.6% transfer fees


  1. You should refrain from any behavior that would be determined to be discriminatory, harassing or unprofessional to include both verbal and written personal statements and conduct yourself in a professional and conscientious manner.
  2. You have been assigned to one particular room and the school will not entertain any room/housing changes. If you wish to move to a different room, it will be under your expense. You should make all necessary adjustments to arrive to classes and teaching practicums on time. Karma Yoga duties will be performed regardless, all students should be present at karma yoga check timings on Tuesday and Friday between 10:30 – 11 am.


Do not wear your shoes inside the house. (You may wear a separate set of sandals that are destined for inside the house). Avoid wearing clothes that expose the body, remember you are in India. Wear shirts and pants at all times.
Do not leave any dishes, pots, pans, etc, unwashed. Do not leave any cups/glasses/plates around the house. Do not move the furniture around. Do not burn incense, oils, or candles. Do not keep any trash in your room. Do not leave any spills in the countertops, floor or sink. Always clean up after you. Remove any remains of food that may cause clogging on the sink.
  • Close the gas at all times. If you leave the gas tap open, you will put your and your roommate’s lives in danger. Replacement of a new gas cylinder will be at your own expense.
  • Do not cook any kind of meat/fish/chicken/etc. Bringing from a restaurant any kind of meat/fish/chicken/etc, and storing in the fridge in your housing is ALSO NOT ALLOWED.
  • Check that all main doors as well as your room are closed when you leave the house, the school is not responsible for any losses/damages. Keep your valuables (passport/money/etc) in the respective room/luggage locked. We are not responsible for any of your belongings. Do not leave anything near the window sills.
  • Do not paste/glue any poster/chart/yoga drawings/mantras ect on the walls of your housing.
  • Do not place any heavy/hot objects over the glass tables.
  • A key will be given to you and should be returned before you leave. In case of loss, a Rs. 1500 fine will be charged and you will have to go to Trivandrum on saturday to make a new key.
  • All lights should be turned off by 10 pm. Avoid any noise between 7 am and 10 pm. All gates should be closed by 9.45.

KARMA YOGA (Self-less Action/Service)

  • Karma Yoga will be performed everyday, duties include cleaning the common areas (Kitchen, Dining Hall, Living Room, Common Toilets, Halls, Patio, Outhouse Toilet, Front Lawn, Fridge and Organic and non-organic Trash Disposal). The common toilets/sinks should be cleaned as part of karma yoga. A schedule will be posted after orientation meeting.
  • Karma Yoga is part of your Yoga Teacher Training Program. Those living outside the housing premises will also be assigned karma yoga duty and should be present at karma yoga check timings on Tuesday and Friday between 10:30 – 11 am.
As a part of Karma Yoga:

  1. Keep your room clean and the beds neatly made, remember that you are sharing your space with others
  2. Make your bed everyday, fold your clothes, wash your clothes.
  3. Keep the bathroom & toilet clean, you should agree with your roommate and clean it on alternate days.
  4. Maintain a mindful attitude while performing karma yoga duties.

If you do not abide by the rules and regulations as well as your karma yoga duty the management of the school is liable to terminate your training immediately.


  • The tap water in Varkala in the house is drinkable (as it comes from a well) you may want to refill your water bottle rather than keep on accumulating new ones. Keep the use of PLASTIC to a MINIMUM. Do not leave any plastic covers with food around the house this may attract ants or other animals. Be mindful of the use of water.
  • If there is no water, check the water pump and turn it on for 20 min. Everyday make sure there is water on the tank. The water pump may take 5-20 minutes to fill up the tank, depending of the water level. You should wait until the tank is full and turn it off right away, you will hear the sound of the water running. Do not go to class and leave the water pump running for hours. The water in varkala is gathered in the monsoon season and it should last for the whole year. Be mindful of the use of water.
  • Always turn off the lights, fans, power plugs etc., when you are not using them. Due to weather conditions the electricity in your housing may become intermittent, remember you are in India, it may take a while for the electricity company to fix it.


  1. You may use the internet connection for emails only – no you tube streaming, facebook chatting, dropbox, video watching, etc. You may use skype voice, not skype video – VIDEO STREAMING/DOWNLOADING OF ANY KIND IS NOT ALLOWED as this will take up all the data and the connection will become very slow for the whole month.
  2. Due to weather conditions the internet in your housing may become intermittent, remember you are in India, it may take a few days for the internet company to fix it. Let Anil know about this, not to the main teachers.


  1. Smoking, alcohol or any kind of drugs are NOT allowed. If you are found using any of these, you will be dismissed from the course immediately. Do not smoke in the school/housing premises (rooftop/hall/front gate/toilet/window etc), a minimum distance of 200 meters from the school/housing premises should be kept if you must smoke.
  2. Visitors are not allowed in the housing, nor to spend the night in the house. If you are found having people staying with you in your room, you will be dismissed form the course immediately. If you are traveling for the weekend, you should make sure that all your karma yoga duties are fulfilled and you should inform us 24 hours prior to your departure by sending us an email to info@yogakerala.net . Leaving the premises and missing classes to go on a holiday is also not allowed.
  3. Do not speak loudly with the inmates or on the mobile phone. Do not play music loudly (always use headphones)
  4. If you have any issues with your inmates, solve them with him/her directly, do not bring them to class. If students sharing or living in the housing are found having issues with each other, both will be automatically dismissed from the program.


When you check out:

  1. Leave your room neat and clean. Remove any trash from your room and closet.
  2. Remove the sheets and put them inside the pillow cover for washing.
  3. Clean the toilet and shower by scrubbing the floor/walls with the brushes/cleaning supplies provided.
  4. Remove all food from the fridge and clean it fully.
  5. Remove all trash from your housing.
  6. Clean the window sills, dustboards, under the bed, check there is no dust on the walls/corners of the room.
  7. Return the keys.
  8. Students that are not staying for any additional courses should vacate the housing premises by 10 am the day after certification and return the key to our housing coordinator.



  • All students shall follow the health and safety advice given by the qualified instructors. If you are asked by the teacher to go to the doctor, you should ask a rickshaw to take you to Sivagiri Hospital in Varkala. In case you need to stop the training for a few days, a doctor’s note from a registered practitioner should be given to the school’s director .
  • Any student feeling that the current posture is not comfortable or is causing pain shall not attempt to perform the posture, and will discuss the matter with the instructor before attempting the posture again.
  • Any student suffering from a medical condition (e.g. Asthma, Epilepsy, High Blood Pressure, Sciática, Slipped Disc, Hernia, Recent Surgery, etc.) shall inform the instructor and follow the advice given. Women: In menses, avoid all inverted postures.


All students should create and maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the practice of yoga. As a part of Karma Yoga in the Shala, you will be assigned karma yoga duty with your colleagues to:

  • Sweep/Mop every morning and whenever is necessary.
  • Make sure all the mats/props/cushions/blocks/belts are in their assigned place and neatly organized.
    Make sure the common toilet of the shala is clean and ready for others to use, turn off the lights and fan when not using them.
  • Turn off all fans/lights/mosquito repellents when not using the shala’s premises.
  • Do not leave any of your belongings (books/mats/manuals/bags/swimsuits/towels/water bottles/etc) on the school’s premises.
  • Do not leave any trash in the shala (water bottles/plastic wraps/tissue paper/plastic bags, etc).


  • Respect all students regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, physical limitations or religion affiliations.
  • Students cannot miss any classes in the one-month program, subject to valid reasons. If you miss more than 2 classes, the school will automatically switch you participation certificate. Final test, periodic quizzes and teaching practicums are mandatory; you will need to pass each test with a pass percentage of 70% each.
  • Teaching the assigned sequence is mandatory. Attendance to your colleague’s classes is also mandatory.
  • All non-contact hours should be spent studying and deepening your knowledge of yoga.
  • Silence is a must in the studio. When in practice or in the classes you should not talk, other wise you will be asked to leave.
  • No mobile phones or photographs are allowed inside and during classes.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the studio premises.
  • Do not wear a swimsuit, baggy pants or hippie clothes to any of the classes. Wear clean yoga clothes every day. Women: in the Studio wear a sports bra/bra at all times. Do not wear skirts to classes, you may be asked to try or sit in a particular posture therefore yoga clothes are required.


  • No change of course is allowed. Changing from a Yoga TTC to a Yoga Holiday is also not allowed.
  • A Student can withdraw from the training until the 4th day (Saturday included) by 11 am from the course’s starting date. In this case, the school will retain the deposit (325 USD) plus manual’s re-stocking fee (100 USD) if course materials are not given back in proper conditions (manuals/books should not be written/torn/scribbled/stains/etc).
  • Early exit and late arrival is not allowed for all courses. In special cases the school may consider a 24 H early exit or late arrival. In this case the student has to be ready to pay a fine of 100 USD for his/her rescheduling the exams.The fine is also applicable for students who come on a later date to take exams.
  • If the student sent the full payment to the school’s bank account a 12.7% Service tax will be deducted.
  • An email/written letter should sent to the school director upon taking a decision to discontinue the course.
  • Upon claiming a refund, the student should bring the receipt, course manuals, yoga kits (if any) as well the house keys
  • On discontinuation of the course the room should be left in a proper and clean condition and the coordinator will inspect the room after receiving the course’s discontinuation letter.


I (Full Name) _________________________________ hereby declare that I am fully responsible for entering into this teaching course.
I accept that deposits, taxes and course manuals are not refundable. I will not make any claims for the same.
I acknowledge that a restocking fee of (120 USD) Rs. 6,000 will be charged in case I do not return the manuals in proper conditions. Additional charges of (85 USD) Rs. 5100 will be added for yoga therapy teacher’s training.
I accept that I have paid the remaining course fees of my fee on date _______________, 201__
I accept that I have 4 working days (including saturdays) and no later than 10 am to inform by email that I want to discontinue with my _____ Hour _____________ Yoga Teacher’s Training course. Withing this time period I will only be eligible to claim the refund for the remaining course fees which I have paid.
After 10 am on the 4th working day of the teacher training course, I am fully responsible for continuing/discontinuing the course. I will not hold the school, the teachers or the directors responsible under any circumstances. I understand that no refunds will be provided at this time.
I will let the school director known about my discontinuance and will return the keys, leaving the room in a neat and clean condition prior to my departure.
I also accept that I will not make any claims for refund/manuals/taxes after 4 days of starting the course.
I understand that if I have booked a single room accommodation and if I were to discontinue the course, I will forfeit the accommodation fee and will not be legible to stay in the room, make use of the housing premises and/or services from the date of discontinuing the course.
I understand that under any circumstances there are no refunds for any 2 Week programs, Yoga Holidays, etc.
I understand I am entering into the ________________________________ Program knowingly.
I understand the practice sessions on LED/Mysore style are a very important part of the practice and certification.
I recognize the fact that I have to physically practice at least 18 practice sessions during the TTC.
In case of injury/sickness and not being present for the practice the school is not obliged to certify me as a teacher. I also agree that no part of the tuition fee will be refunded if I retire from the course. I also understand that, in this case, I will have the freedom to come on a further date within 6 months and at the convenience of the school to complete the TTC at my expense, test and certification fees will be charged.
I understand that if I am found to be undergoing any type of panchakarma/ayurvedic treatment during the TTC, the school will automatically cancel my certification as a teacher.
I (name) _________________________________ herby understand and will follow the terms and conditions and any other request that the teachers may have for me.

A printed copy of this form will be given to you on registration day for you to sign it.

Full Name: ________________________ Signature: _____________________________

Date: _________________________ Place: _____________________________

First: establish yourself in the way, then teach and so defeat sorrow.