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200 Hr Multistyle Yoga TTC

200 Hr Multistyle Yoga TTC

Dates: August 1St To August 28Th
Price:1700 Usd Inclusive Of Taxes.
Tuition,Food,Twin Shared Accommodation Is Offered With The Price.
​Single Room Accommodation Is Charged 150 Usd Extra For 4 Weeks
Confirmation Deposit Is 360 Usd Inclusive Of Taxes.
Apply Now To Avail Two Sessions Of Ayurveda Kalari Massage And 2 Sessions Of Personal Sound Healing. Both Lasting An Hour Free Of Charge.

Course Contents

This Training Introduces The Student To 4 Different Styles Of Yoga

  1. Ashtanga Vinyasa
  2. Yoga Therapy
  3. Yin Yoga
  4. Hatha Yoga

And With An Intro Course To Ayurveda

1St Week Program Schedule

  1. Introduction To Ashtanga Primary Series
  2. Asana Methodology Applied To Main Postures From Standing, Seated And Finishing Sequence
  3. 3 Led Classes And 3 Mysore Style Classes
  4. In Depth Study Of Ujjayi Breathing And Bandhas
  5. Introduction To Pranayama And Practice Of 5 Basic Techniques
  6. Concept Of 5 Pranas And 5 Bodies.
  7. Yoga Philosophy Study Of Discipline Of Yoga And Definition Of Yoga
  8. Meditations Nadabramha, Kundalini, Sunset Meditation By The Ocean

2Nd Week Program Schedule

  1. Introduction To Yoga Therapy
  2. 2 Led Classes Based On The Yogic Management Of Diseases From Bihar School Of Yoga
  3. 2 Led Classes Of Iyengar Yoga Applied To Therapy
  4. 2 Restorative Yoga Classes Applied To Aging Population
  5. Study And Practice Of Pranayama Techniques Kapalabhati And Nadishodhana And Their Therapeutic Applications
  6. Yoga Philosophy Study Of Modifications Of Mind And Foundations Of Yoga
  7. Meditations Gourishankar And Vipassana

3Rd Week Program Schedule

  1. Introduction To Yin Yoga
  2. Yin Yoga Techniques: Intermediate And Advanced Yin Yoga Practices
  3. Led Classes And 3 Mysore Style Classes On Yin And Yang Practice
  4. Study And Practice Of Pranayama Techniques Suryabhedha Chandrabhedha Bhramari
  5. Eight Limbs Of Yoga. The Yamas And Niyamas
  6. Structural Anatomy As Applied To Asana
  7. Meditations On Chakras

4Th Week Program Schedule

  • Introduction To Hatha Yoga
  • Principles Of Hatha Yoga
  • Practice Of Main Asanas Of Hatha Yoga And Their Methodology
  • Hatha Yoga Philosophy
  • Study Of Seven Chakras And Their Functions
  • Pranayama Techniques From Hatha Yoga Tantra
  • Meditations From Tantra
  • Basics Of Ayurveda

First: establish yourself in the way, then teach and so defeat sorrow.